Janesville Automotive Cabin Air Filters

If a new cabin air filter is needed, your car will smell like “a combination of wet dog and inch-thick dust”. They need periodic replacement, though many people don’t even realize they exist on their cars. Actually 80% of vehicles that have been built since 2000 have CAFs. It needs to be replaced before it clogs up.

The CAF protects people from outside airborne contaminants.  It catches allergens, bugs, leaves, and other particles on it. It is so fine that a human hair is 10 times as large as the thickness of it’s screen. It also protects the HVAC system by absorbing outside odors. The replacement intervals vary, but it is recommended by engineers that it should be changed once a year.

To breathe easier and to prevent your car from reeking, make sure you get your CAF replaced.

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