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Fuel injectors are important to maintain and repair. They are essential for the vehicle to perform. The repairs are costly, so it is better to maintain them.

Cleaning is a good way maintain your fuel injector and to prevent damage. When you turn off your vehicle, gasoline droplets still remain in the injector and on it. The gasoline has wax properties in it, and when the engine becomes warm the wax from the droplets bakes on the fuel injector. The fuel injector will then clog and cause three main things to happen.

  1. Your fuel efficiency will suffer and your gas mileage by drop by as much as 20%. With high gas prices right now, it is much easier to just have your fuel injector cleansed and flushed of build-up.
  2. The engine performance will also suffer. Most people really notice this when accelerating either entering a freeway or passing someone.
  3. The emissions will be higher and for those whose vehicles must be inspected yearly, it may prevent passing the test.

Due to these three reasons, it is much easier to either maintain your fuel injector by having it cleaned or by replacing it if the injector is too damaged.

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