Janesville Automotive Brake Repairs

J&S Auto Care in Janesville offers a full selection of brake parts and automotive wheel accessories needed to service your vehicle properly.  If your car brakes are squealing or grinding, or you’ve noticed a decrease in braking ability, J&S Auto Care offers Janesville automotive brake repairs, brake replacements, and brake parts to remedy the problem.  J&S Auto Care’s auto repair experts are highly qualified in servicing all automotive brake systems.  From repairing anti-lock brakes to installing new brake drums and calipers, J&S Auto Care in Janesville offers the auto part and installation service keeping your vehicle operating safely.

Your tires are a key safety component providing a barrier between you and the road.  Regular tire, brake and wheel maintenance checks are essential to keeping your vehicle under control.  Tires should be inflated to the vehicle manufacturer recommendations. Over inflation can lead to premature or irregular tire wear, and under-inflation reduces a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by an average of 3.3 percent.  At J&S Auto Care, you will not leave with improper tire pressure.

Need tires? J&S Auto carries the leading brands of tires. A few primary brands we carry include; Goodyear, Firestone, Michelin, and Han kook. We will help you choose from J&S Auto Care’s large selection of quality name brand tires and wheel accessories providing you with safe, comfortable travel.  Our Janesville tire rotation service includes brake, suspension, and steering inspections ensuring your vehicle operates as safely as possible.

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